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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place a custom apparel order?

1. Check the Apparel Catalog to find the shirt style you prefer

2. Go to the Quote page, choose your placement area and fill out the form.

3. After all details are given for an order, we will send you an invoice for your final approval. The invoice will list shirt quantities, colors, design placement and size.
This is your chance to make changes to the order if necessary.

4. With your approval on the invoice, we ask 50% deposit for new clients or large orders. From there, screen prep is started and your order goes into production.

5. When your order is printed, you will receive an email with the remaining total. We can then schedule a time for shirt pick up and payment.

What type of art files do you prefer?

1. Preferred art files are created in Adobe Illustrator (vector format) with no placed images and with fonts turned to outlines and sent as .eps or .pdf files.

2. Files created in Photoshop should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at actual print size.

Our largest image area is 10.5" wide x 12" tall.
We cannot print over zippers, seams, or any area that cannot be laid flat.

What are your terms?

    1. Quoted pricing is good from 60 days of original quote.
    2. Written approval of invoice via email is necessary.

    Before we start your order, approval of invoice - including shirt style(s), color(s), quantities, and art placement - is a must.
    Please check accurately, you will get exactly what is on the invoice

    3. 50% deposit for new clients or large orders.
    4. Balance total is due upon completion of order.

    Payment can be made by check or cash when picking up your order.
    Credit Cards accepted via SquareUp Online Invoicing
    Let us know in advance if you prefer this method of payment.

    5. Orders to be picked up at our studio.

    Shipping via UPS or locally with Rose City Delivery
    available for an fee.

    6. Payment options
    Check to: Phantom Chicken LLC, Cash, or Credit Card through SquareUp

    Let us know in advance if you would prefer to pay with credit card.

Which shirts do you prefer?

Gildan Ultra Cotton TeeHeavyweight Basic Tee
Next Level Premium Tee Ringspun Lightweight Tee
Hanes Beefy Tee Heavyweight Ringspun Tee
Bella Ladies Tee Ladies Ringspun Lightweight Tee

Our distributors have a huge selection of apparel. See the full catalog
Sometimes there are too many choices... if you'd like assistance choosing shirts, send us an email!

Do you have minimums?
What is your turn around time?

Yes. We have a 12 shirt minimum for any order.
A 24 shirt minimum for supplied apparel.

Expect a turn-around time of 10 business days from the time you give final approval on invoice and artwork. However, if we can turn it around faster, we will!
Don't be shy about asking for rush service.
The Chicken loves to deliver whenever possible.

Can you ship my order?

Yes! We have a UPS account and can ship anywhere in the continental U.S. If you would like your order shipped to you, please let us know in advance.
Shipping will be calculated after printing and added to the balance of your invoice.

If you prefer, your account with any shipping carrier can be used.
Shipping from: Phantom Chicken LLC - 2206 SE 122nd Ave Portland, OR 97233

Can I supply my own T-shirts?

Yes, with a minimum of 24 shirts.
All supplied apparel must be made of printable fabrics.

Where are your size charts?

Each shirt style number in your emailed quote is a link to its description in the catalog. Size charts can be found under the Specifications and Sizing Tab in the apparel catalog under each style number.
It is important to check them before ordering.
*Especially when it comes to ladies shirts*

Which ink colors are available?

Basically... any color you like!
Basic colors are always available at no extra cost.
PMS Solid Coated ink matching = $15 per color
Discharge White mixing = $15 per 72 shirts

Can you do Team Names and Numbers?

Yes! Custom-ordered vinyl heat transfers for individual names and numbers are available. Options include:
Individual names: Up to 4.5" wide
Individual names: Up to 14" wide
Font choices: Placeholder image
Individual numbers: at 6", 8", or 10" tall
Font choices:
Placeholder image
Individual or Team Name up to 14" wide AND Number: at 6", 8", or 10" tall
Font choices:
Placeholder image

How is screen printing done?

Screen printing is a hands-on way of getting ink on a shirt.
Most print shops have automated and/or digital presses with a large crew of printers, but here everthing is hand-pulled by Gregg Weiss on a manual 4-color press. With his attention to detail, each shirt gets a high-quality print.

How does the process work?
It starts with a design on a computer. The design can have up to 4 colors in it.
If the design is more than one color, we need to create a black and white file for each color.
The files are sent to a camera output house where they create a film positive for us. It is just the opposite of a film negative - so the area you want to print is black and the rest stays clear.
We take this film and use it to create a stencil on a screen coated with photo-sensitive emulsion.
A light hardens any exposed emulsion, but the part protected under the opaque black of the film stays soft.
A rinse under water washes out the soft emulsion, leaving a "hole" or stencil in the screen.
The screen(s) are then set up on press, if there is more than one, micro-registration is needed to make sure each screen lines up precisely to the other so that it prints correctly.
A shirt is loaded onto the press by smoothing it out flat on a platen and ink is pushed using a squeegee across the image onto the shirt.
The shirt is placed under a heating element for drying, while the next shirt is loaded and printed.
It becomes very repetitive as each shirt gets printed one color at a time.

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